Custom made projects, with consideration for the needs of the future residents, and an international scope, those are the values of Frank Missotten. He builds both new constructions as well as renovations and total design of detached houses or apartments, with attention to detail and the right proportions. Also the environment surrounding the building is taken into account.

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Three-hundred and fifty top-class residences after regional fashion, but with the owner’s own voice. One by one they radiate what has been built by the company since 1984: Craftsmanship with a capital C. An exclusive combination of personality and perfection. These literally are dream houses: they have realised all the owner’s wishes. However, Frank Missotten stays modestly in the background leaving the design’s credit to regional history and customs. All wishes come from the client himself.

The powerful interior decoration is done by interior design ‘t Koetshuys. The magnificent cabinetwork is the pride of Belle-Epoque.