The constructions realized by Fr. Missotten may easily be compared with the old stylish residences of our ancestors. The only difference is that now the houses are all equipped with the most modern living comfort in terms of insulation, heating, double glazing and nice high-quality finishing.Fr. Missotten makes your construction dreams come true! Using our expertise. Because that is what we stand for basically: a partner who listens to you and helps you realize your own construction ideas. An accurate and expert follow-up of the construction project always leads to a satisfying result.

We do not build a standard residence, but a residence in your style, meeting your requirements and needs and with the desired high-quality finishing. If you choose Fr. Missotten, you opt for a smooth cooperation and expertise that complies with the highest requirements. Our experience in the field of traditional and regional stylish residential construction, allows us to offer you a complete service in further development of the plans, choice of materials, both old and new, and execution of the construction as such.


Interior design is also one of our major assets, as the appropriate interior design, together with the right choice of materials, makes sure that the character of a building can be respected to a maximum extent.

Finishing, sanitary facilities, kitchen design, etc. In short, all elements that turn functional living into a real art of living.

Whatever style you choose, we will always make sure to offer you the most perfect and most well-considered execution and finishing, as we exclusively use first quality materials and authentic interior elements, such as exclusive handmade stone, massive doors and staircases in old and new oak, floors in church tiles.


Apart from new construction projects, Fr. Missotten is also involved in renovations of existing buildings.

Villas and residential buildings are renovated, but retain their charm of an old building.